Video #1: Need a VA But Not Sure Where to Get Started?

Video #2: The Proven Hiring  Secret to Hire Like a PRO

Video #3: The 5 Secrets to Make a Return on your hiring Investment asap

Video #4: How the

VA MatchMaking Service Works and if it's for you

You need a VA, but not sure where to get started?

Not sure what to look for and

"Would it be worth my efforts?" at all - you ask yourself?

The VA MatchMaker Agnes Bogardi How to find a virtual assistant
As a VA MatchMaker and someone who've been on all sides of the story (as a freelancer, as a business owner as someone who managed and hired VAs for a living, dealt with client complains, I know how challenging it can be!

That's why I share my golden nuggets, so you can benefit from my hard-earned experience and hire a trustworthy VA from scratch

Hiring Secrets

of a VA MatchMaker

In this 4-part video series I walk you through the ins and outs of hiring like a pro, share my steps, my experience and proven hiring secrets, to make sure you chose the best candidate and make ROI on your hiring as soon as possible.


Watch the webinars, download the checklist, workbook and get started!

Happy Hiring!

Agnes Bogardi | VA MatchMaker

Agnes is VA MatchMaker, VA coach and VA agency owner who is passionate about shaping the online business industry by connecting amazing individuals to grow, expand and thrive together!

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